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James Watt

Jim Alexander Watt, was born July 5, 1923 and possessed a lineage stretching back to the Industrial Revolution. Innovative changes to the steam engine in 1765 by the Scottish engineer, James Watt, led to worldwide changes. His descendant Jim Watt had no talent for engineering but instead was called by God.

In the Fall of 1942 Jim was an unbelieving college student. He had no idea that God was about to change everything. While reading Psalm 107:23-24, (“They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.”) he felt God tell him to join the Navy to receive a revelation. After becoming a believer he was approached by a Russian Jew who offered to teach him Greek in return for Jim's promise to study the works of the great mathematician Ivan Panin. Jim spent a lifetime keeping this promise...

Jim was well prepared for this endeavor. He began his education at UBC in Vancouver but this first attempt at his studies was cut short as WWII intruded. After the war he moved to Saskatchewan and first matriculated at the George Hawtin Bible School later attending St. Andrew's College while also studying and graduating from the University of Saskatchewan. It was during this period he embraced the discipline of outlining resulting in winning 5 scholarships and a cum laude designation with his degree. Outliningwould prove instrumental in his work with Panin.

After graduation he married and brought his bride, the newly converted high school friend, Marie Gaudet, to Saskatoon and the couple started their first pastoral experience. It was a small congregation foreshadowing the many small groups which grew under the ministry of Jim and Marie. Next, the couple moved to Chicago for Jim to earn a B.D. at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. Later, he was also awarded an M.D. His scholastic achievements served him well and he enthusiastically continued learning throughout his life.

A Baptist church in Chicago was their next home where their family was completed with 3 children. Later he ministered in nondenominational, Evangelical, Charismatic and Messianic Jewish churches. Until 89 he continued his leadership in churches. In addition to pastoral duties he taught at several Bible colleges, served in prayer groups and worked as a team with Marie in Two Are Better Than One Ministries. Woven throughout he managed to spend over 40,000 hours to expand on Panin's work. In his 80's he embraced computer technology to expedite his project. He also shared his studies by sending out numerous emails to a list of subscribers that grew to over 1,000. He was determined to finish his work through to publication.

Jim was intrigued that Panin had found mathematical patterns underlying the biblical text. These patterns established which alternate reading was numerically correct, as well as establishing the correct section, subsection, paragraph, subparagraph, and sentence structure. The mathematical patterns, “Bible Numerics”, hold true for both Greek and Hebrew.

Jim created an outline to provide context to the corrected text. This outline provides critical and novel insights into the meaning of the words. Thoughts are no longer jarringly divided by seemingly arbitrary chapter and verse breaks. In Matthew, the greatest story ever told flows seamlessly from the birth of Jesus to the “great commission”. Jim's life was committed to making this work as widely available as possible. This work is great tribute to Jim's intellect, commitment, and love for God and His Word. Jim entered into Glory July 19, 2014. Many of Jim's writings, on this and other subjects, can be found at

….From The Family Of James Alexander Watt

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